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The Value of Video Calls

Tuesday 2 August 2022

The increased level of trust created from video calls compared to phone calls

The Value of Video Calls

The rise of video calls

Post-covid pandemic, the corporate world has transitioned into a more online business focused field. With the rising use of video calls, companies can build trust with their clients on a different level than just a phone call. Video calls allow two people to have a more normal interaction from just the first discussion.

Following the start of the Covid pandemic, Zoom, Google Meet, Skype and Facetime calls have all become extremely normalized. Whereas before the typical options for a discussion between a sales rep and a potential client were an email discussion, a phone calls or an in-person meet up, an important additional form of interpersonal communication has become essential: video calls.

Human interaction

When it comes to having a video chat with someone, human emotion is prevalent, such as smiling or laughing, leading to a more interactive conversation. You can tell if someone is promoting sarcasm or giving off a certain vibe which you could never tell if you were texting or simply talking on the phone.

Screen sharing

One of the more important features of video chats is the ability to share documents at the click of a button or share your screen to other viewers. Whether screen sharing is used in education zooms or in the corporate world, it makes for a better/easier way of conveying information.

The power of CamToCall

Using CamToCall will give your company a face rather than just words or a voice, giving potential clients a personal connection to the site. It also gives potential clients easy access to ask questions to a qualified person at your company. Having a person available helps potential clients as it’s less likely for information to be lost in translation, as well as keeping the attention of the user and making them feel welcomed due to interpersonal connections.

CamToCall also gives the company the ability to demonstrate products at the clients’ will instead of forcing them to book a future appointment for a demonstration as they would have to with an average website or phone call.

Video calls vs in-person interactions

A study conducted by the University of Michigan, found that compared with text chat and phone calls chat, an in-person interaction leads to significantly higher levels of trust. What is interesting, is that it was also found that video calls leads to almost the same level of trust as in-person discussions; significantly higher than the trust that can be built over an email exchange or phone call.

Video calls in sales

All in all, the advantages of video calls outweighs phone calls or texting by a large margin, especially for sales discussions. The sheer idea of seeing somebody else's face gives users a much better way of communicating, whether you are presenting to a large group or having a one-on-one conversation.

Using CamToCall will give your company an easy way to add face to face communication to your site with an instant video call that can build instant trust with your potential client.