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Converting potential clients while they’re hot

Wednesday 10 August 2022

The value of having a conversation straight away and getting them into a sales funnel

Converting potential clients while they’re hot

Time is money.

With this new age of information technology, everything is about speed. Whether “speed” means connecting to the internet faster or getting in touch with a client. CamToCall understands that “speed” is not a luxury but a necessity.

Request a demo pages

Often for software businesses, the first step to entering the sales funnel is a “Request a Demo” page. By integrating CamToCall, your Request a Demo page could provide the option for an instant demo call with your sales team. Getting that customer excited about the product with an instant interpersonal discussion could be transformative for your business's conversion rate.

Capturing leads while they’re hot

Here at CamToCall, we know the importance of connecting with a user/client while they are still initially interested, otherwise, during the lag between when the button was pressed and the access to the demo, the user might lose their excitement. With CamToCall as an active widget on your website, it will make it easy for your business to be the first to respond to a prospective customer. They’ll be blown away by the lack of friction and hopefully sign a deal with you before they’ve even had a chance to demo any competing product. An added feature included in CamToCall is the ability to share screens, making it all the much easier to sell to clients and to provide your sales demo there and then.

Transforming the online experience

Just as a picture is worth a thousand words, we see video calls as being worth a thousand phone calls. Having the ability to show potential clients the small details in your products will greatly increase the customers' approval of the product. Just by being able to show customers the product the sales will go up as studies have shown in retail stores that one of the main reasons people don’t end up buying products is because of the lack of somebody being there to help them. In sub sections of retail such as appliances, Jewelry, or mattresses, a customer most likely won’t have the experience needed to understand the products they wish to buy and won’t spend money on something they aren’t sure of. Giving customers the ability to understand what they are buying without the hassle of shopping has proven to benefit companies. With CamToCall, you can provide somebody on your website that’s available to help, in a way that is currently more or less absent in the online world.