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CamToCall Get Started

Steps to launch CamToCall on your website

Step 1
Create your first room

From the Control Panel, press Create a new room and provide the details requested, including your full name and description (visible with the big widget only).

More details about rooms

Step 2
Integrate on your website — with one line of code

At the bottom of the main page of your Control Panel is your single line of code that adds CamToCall to your website. Above the line of script, you have an option of whether you'd like to use the Small widget (which sits in one of the lower corners of your website), the Big widget (which pops up above the website content) or both.

You can make changes to the exact time when the widgets popup on the users screen on the Configuration page of the Control Panel.

More details about delay timings

Step 3
Start streaming directly to your website

Whenever you want to stream to your website, simply login to your Control Panel, select your Room name and press Stream now with the CamToCall Streamer. For quick access, you could simply bookmark the CamToCall Streamer URL for future use.

Stream to CamToCall

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